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3 things to stop doing to minimize your stress

Your stress levels are constantly changing. Whether it’s the extra hours you have to work on the weekend or the guy that won’t text you back after waiting the required hours. Now your brain is left with overwhelming thoughts like “he doesn’t want to talk to me,” or “I did something wrong,” and after another hour, you say, “I didn’t even like him anyway.” Our minds can often make us more stressed than we need to be, and we also get stuck in habits that no longer serve us and hike up our stress levels.

Read on to learn about what you might be unknowingly doing that makes your life a living... well, let’s just say unpleasant.

Saying Yes to Everything

“I have another hot date; can you watch my kids again?” “I wasn’t able to finish the presentation; can you take my part?” We’ve all had those moments where someone asks us for a favor. The favor isn’t the problem; it’s how you respond to them. Sometimes we overextend ourselves either to win approval or to feel more valued, and sometimes we just have extra time to lend a hand. It’s critical to take a step back and make sure you’re not saying yes to everything and forgoing your own needs. Don’t be afraid to take a moment when people ask something from you because most things aren’t worth breaking your inner peace. So, instead of saying yes to volunteering as the team building organizer for your office (once again), maybe say yes to a hemp-derived CBD face mask because you had a long week after filling your quota of “yeses.”


We’ve all had moments where our mind runs wild and creates fictional scenarios to worry about. You wonder if you unplugged your hair straightener and end up narrowing down your next step for when your home burns down while you’re at lunch. This unnecessary stress can easily overtake your mind. Instead, try to notice these thoughts as they populate your mind and release them. Don’t give them the energy they’re looking for; just let them flow through and dissolve. Next time you take a shower or wash your face, try to notice the stressful thoughts and release them by the time you get to applying your hemp-derived CBD lotion. The better you get at this, the easier it will be to remain centered.

Ignoring Yourself

One of the easiest ways to keep stress at bay is to take care of yourself. Listen to your mind and body so you can give it the eight hours of sleep, full breakfast, or hemp-derived CBD cream that it’s asking for. Prioritizing yourself and staying in tune with your true self can help you address stressful moments as they arise. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed, take a step back and assess the situation so you can effectively take care of yourself while minimizing feelings of unwanted stress.


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