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4 Tips for Creating and Following Your Resolutions for Next Year

Don’t Overthink Your List

The new year can be a time of reflection as well as new beginnings. Many take to pen and paper to create hopeful goals that they vow to achieve, whether it’s mastering a new skill or embracing a new fitness routine. You may find that you place a lot of pressure on not just building the list but also following it. There might be new ways to reframe the way you view planning your goals and following them.

Whether you’ve been working on your list for weeks or not, it’s important not to overthink what it is you add to your list. You can make a goal as integral as washing your face or applying your hemp-derived CBD cream every day, just as you can make a loftier goal to run a marathon. Try to consider what you really want to work on or achieve and avoid comparing your resolutions with ones from the media, your friends, or even past lists you’ve created.

Don’t Be Afraid to Update Your List

For some, their list of resolutions might feel like a legal document that can’t be altered or amended. Remember, this is your list, and it is entirely okay to change your mind as you continue the year. You could get halfway into the year and learn new information that may alter your list. Try thinking of your resolutions as a blueprint that evolves with you and your year instead of something set in stone. Trust yourself and adapt as needed. 

Pick One Word for the Year

Long lists can feel daunting and create unnecessary pressure like your last long-term relationship. If that sounds like you, it might help focus on an overall theme as opposed to a full list of resolutions. If you want to reconnect with yourself more, try keeping the word “introspection” as the theme that you use throughout your year and spend time being mindful. Or, maybe you want to focus on “love,” which you can channel to others and yourself by listening to your needs and taking care of yourself with a hemp-derived CBD lotion, daily meditation practice, and more. You can even change up your theme each month or halfway through, as the process is entirely up to you. 

How to Stick to Your Resolutions

No matter the form of your resolutions, it can still feel like a challenge to follow them. Consider incorporating your list into your daily routine, whether that be reviewing it as you rise for the day or during your evening skincare routine as you reflect on your progress. And, don’t be so hard on yourself. Somedays, you might skip a run to reconnect with a friend or dance it out because you found your new favorite song, so try not to take it all so seriously and enjoy every year to the fullest.

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