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Boost Your Skincare Routine with These 4 Techniques

It’s the perfect time to give your skincare routine a boost that’s fun, easy, and effective. Your skin deserves a ritual that goes above and beyond so your complexion can look balanced and glow. Incorporating new facial techniques or even calling a friend can help as you apply your favorite hemp-derived CBD cream.

Try a Facial Massage

While you may occasionally treat yourself to a professional massage, you can also easily give yourself a facial massage each day. This free-flowing form of acupressure and massage can help your face appear more sculpted while also relaxing your facial muscles. Just as you hold tension in your body, your face can develop tense feelings that are longing for relief. Try moving your palms gently across your cheeks and forehead in upward motions. Be sure you are starting with cleansed skin and are adequately moisturized with your hemp-derived CBD lotion. You could even massage the lotion in as you apply it.

Laugh Out Loud

A good, hearty laugh can always help you feel like you and your skin are glowing a little brighter. Call a friend and laugh away as you apply your go-to hemp-derived CBD face mask. Get your endorphins firing with a loved one, or try listening to comedy or something that helps you experience the world’s cheapest medicine. Endorphins simply make you feel good and can help minimize feelings of stress, which may encourage a clearer-looking complexion.

Practice Facial Yoga

Aspiring yogis and beyond can enjoy facial yoga as a way to engage facial muscles to help your complexion appear more toned or contoured. Carve out a few minutes in your day to target specific areas of your face with a few stretches. For example, tilt your head back and purse your lips on and off to target “tech neck.” Or, help your cheeks look lifted by gently pulling one side of your face toward the other for a few seconds, or by filling your cheeks with air for a minute. Just as you can use a topical cream to target the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, there are “poses” you can incorporate to optimize your daily product lineup.

Soak Up Some Sun

No wonder Sheryl Crow still has glowing skin at almost 60 years old. She must have known about the secret powers of the sun, according to her billboard hit “Soak Up The Sun.” Human bodies can take this liquid gold and transform it into vitamin D, which, in moderation, can support the skin in a number of ways. So, consider using your skincare products near a window or try to incorporate some morning sunshine into your day with the necessary SPF protection. Add a facial mist with rose water to help you create a refreshed aromatic experience that may boost your mood as you optimize your skincare routine with these must-try techniques.

About Mind Naturals

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