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Caring for the planet starts with us

Product packaging is always a topic to talk about when it comes to caring for the planet.

We know that plastic is present in our lives on a large scale. Its growing production and its use only leave as a consequence, the contamination of every corner of the planet, especially in our oceans. This affects the health of aquatic ecosystems and the survival of each of the species that inhabit them. To have some macro data of the situation each year, the seas and oceans are recipients of up to 12 million tons of garbage and a PET bottle thrown in the trash takes more than 150 years to degrade.

Small steps but big changes.

Concern for the environment is growing every day and more and more of us believe that through small steps and individual contributions we can do our bit to save the planet.
We all have the responsibility to think about future generations and ourselves, so that we can continue to enjoy our generous planet that has given us the opportunity to live well day by day.

Circular economy for you to put into practice

Just as we have a responsibility to be more conscious and take care of the planet, we need to think about reducing, reusing and recycling. We don't need to be experts in economics, but it is important to know what the circular economy is all about. This term refers to a system of resource utilization. It also advocates using as many biodegradable materials as possible in the manufacture of consumer goods - biological nutrients - so that they can be returned to nature without causing environmental damage by exhausting their useful life!

Biodegradable packaging is our - from MIND NATURALS together with you - positive impact on the planet.

Together with you, we want to make that small - BIG - impact. That's why our Moisturizing Cream is now biodegradable! MIND's biodegradable packaging is a plant-based material that biodegrades quickly and completely to CO, water and biomass without leaving any micro plastics behind. This MIND super packaging is recyclable through industrial composting, where the organic component is recycled in a way that mimics nature.