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Colombia, the most welcoming country on Earth

Colombia is a magical place you’ll never regret to visit, in fact, once you visit it, you’ll probably be back. It’s a country where diverse Pre-Columbian cultures arose, such as Muiscas, Taironas and Quimbayas. Later on, during the XVth century, Spaniards arrived and settled, reason why you’ll find out a blend of cultures in terms of architecture, religion and traditions.

When you visit Colombia, you’ll be surprised by the amount of people constantly smiling, the colors of our exotic fruits and vegetables, and the most amazing bio-diverse landscapes. You’ll fall in love with Colombian girls, coffee flavors and all the treasures Colombian culture hides.

If you’re looking to unplug from your screen and to breathe in pure air, here some unmissable and unforgettable destinations for your visit:

Caño Cristales, the Five-Colored River: in this magical place, you’ll discover the Macarenia Clavigera, an aquatic plant that only shows up from June to November, when the river rises.

La Guajira, the dessert that ends on the beach: this is where the largest population of indigenous people live in Colombia. Feel free to visit Wayuu reservations, attend to dancing displays and close the day with a beautiful sundown on the sand dunes while sandboarding or booging around.

The Amazon, the world’s largest jungle: it’s impossible to not be wowed by the flora and fauna biodiversity, as well as for the cultural and ancestral knowledge; don’t miss out on spending one night deep in the Colombian Amazon jungle.

    But if you want to treat yourself with a fancy dinner and glamorous cocktails, your most likely will be:

    Cartagena de Indias, gastronomy tourism: with huge walls surrounding its historical city center, where pirates and Spaniards lived, you’ll discover top-notch Caribbean gastronomy and luxury hotels within antique colonial architecture.


    Medellin, the city of eternal spring: its mild weather will invite you to walk around Comuna 13, where you can enjoy a colorful hood experience – graffiti tour (please hire a tour guide, you don’t want to get lost). Later on, delight yourself with an exquisite traditional Bandeja Paisa, which will give you a taste of Colombia with every bite you take.

    Bogotá D.C., the business capital: at 2.600 meters above sea level, you’ll find the capital of Colombia. With more than 7 million people, dive in a city with unimaginable offerings and authentic experiences. Hike up to Monserrate so you’ll enjoy a unique city view and then walk around La Macarena, where you’ll find the most historical and cultural monuments, museums, restaurants and art galleries.

      I’m sure you’re not missing out on anything 😉, Colombia is eager to host you!