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Detox your body and mind

Sometimes we just need a break: a break from greasy food, from party nights and even from negative and dull thoughts. All of these comes from toxins in our body that make us feel tired and unproductive all day long. Relax, we’ve all been there, the good part is there is a solution. 

Green juices are trendy, but there’s a reason why: they are full of vitamins and minerals that bring us back to vitality, our body fills in with energy and postive vibes. It alkalyzes the body, improves digestion and hidrates your skin. Ready to try MIND’s green juice?

Ingredients (choose organic): 

🥬 1 bunch spinach: contains the right dose of fiber, vitamins and nutrients
🌱 ½ celery stem: contains powerful antioxidants and lowers cholesterol
🥒 ¼ cucumber: boosts immunity and and balances hormone levels
🍍 1 slice of pineapple: reduces inflammation and promotes correct digestion
🍃 3 leefs peppermint: may improve irritable bowel syndrom besides providing a touch of freshness.
💦 1 glass of water: carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells.
🧊 Ice (optional)



Introduce all of the ingredients into your blender / mixer and after 1-2 minutes serve con a glass cup. Enjoy its benefits 😊

Green juices are one of the best ways to detox and nourish your body, we recommend it to drink it at morning so you can have a fresh start!