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Engage Your Senses with Products From Mind Naturals

When we engage all our senses, it can help us feel more present. Mind Naturals offers a collection of high-performing products that can help you experience the moment while you take care of your skin. Everything from their Rose Water (available soon) to a hemp-derived CBD lotion can help you experience new aromas, textures, and more. As our attention spans decrease and our days get busier, it becomes all the more important to find creative ways to take care of ourselves while being mindful. Read on to learn about how to engage your mind and body with the diverse products from Mind Naturals.

Feel Rich Moisture Mind Naturals offers a moisturizing, hemp-derived CBD face mask that is the creamy solution your pores have been waiting for. Layer this rich product evenly on your face for a pleasant experience that can lead you to your inner peace. If you’re a tactile person, try applying with their soft Reusable Cotton Pads (available soon) and lay down in comfortable materials like your favorite blanket or scarf. Mind Naturals also uses sacha inchi oil and vitamin E in this face mask to provide antioxidant protection against free radicals or other environmental stressors. Apply this formula one or two times a week for 10-15 minutes, gently massaging onto the skin for a light exfoliation that can help your complexion feel smooth and refreshed.

Smell the Roses

If aromas are an important part of your lifestyle, this new Mind Naturals product might be the floral bouquet you need. Their Rose Water, available soon, is not only high in vitamin C but also carries anti-inflammatory properties. Spritz after using the Cleanser to help regulate the production of excess oil, or spray throughout the day for a hydrating boost. This delicious scent can help you smell the roses when you need it most. Try adding this pleasant aroma to your meditation or yoga room, or even as a break in your afternoon. Or, claim it as your signature scent and wear it alone or layered with other engaging aromas that help you feel your best.

See Radiant-Looking Skin

Using products from Mind Naturals can help you reveal a complexion that appears radiant and even more gorgeous. Fall deeper in love with yourself and stare into the mirror as you take incredible care of skin that feels more balanced. Mind Naturals’ products are also beautifully packaged, making them the perfect addition to your skincare “shelfies.” Reveal skin that looks dewy and nourished with their hemp-derived CBD cream that can minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Engage your sense of sound and play music or podcasts during your skincare routine to help you engage multiples senses while you connect with yourself or a few friends.

Stimulate your senses with multipurpose products from Mind Naturals at mindskincare.com