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How to lead a more sustainable lifestyle

Ways to Cultivate a Sustainable Lifestyle

You may already be doing small things to help the planet, such as turning off the lights or conserving your water usage. Or, you may have an on-again, off-again relationship with sustainability. Whatever the relationship status, there is always a way to grow and do more when it comes to the environment. Many of these practices can have a positive impact on both you and the planet, such as the hemp-derived CBD face mask you reach for.

Read on to learn about some of the different ways you can live a life that prioritizes sustainability.

The Products You Use

Often times, we don't realize that each dollar we spend can have an impact. Using our money to support sustainable companies is an easy way to help the environment while you still get the items you want and need. For example, your hemp-derived CBD lotion should come from a company that ethically sources their ingredients while sustainably working with Mother Earth, the queen herself. Look for brands that don't make environmental sacrifices in order to deliver high-performing products. Instead, find the brands that are supporting the environment while still designing products that can go above and beyond.


What Your Recycling Looks Like While most of us know that it's important to recycle, it's easy not to prioritize it. Be sure to look at the rules for the area that you live in to ensure you recycle responsibly and correctly. There are countless other ways to reduce waste, and many solutions can come from creativity and simply being prepared. Try to bring your own bags, cups, and utensils so you can avoid single-use plastics. No more one-night stands with the plastic spork; it's time to commit to reusable utensils that won't leave you for trash. You may also try composting when applicable, as well as using leftover scraps of your food for cooking broth or other meals. Don't be afraid to try new recycling methods, such as refilling or reusing products from your kitchen or bathroom to hold flowers or other items.


How You Get From Point A to Point B

Traveling can be a problematic aspect of our lives as much of it can depend on where we live, work, and more. If you're lucky, you can walk or bike to work as a way to take care of your body and the environment. However, if you have to drive a car or fly routinely for work, you may start to feel ecological guilt or "eco-guilt" for short. One way you can address any potential transportation concerns is to counteract your carbon footprint with positive actions such as donating time or money to an environmental fund. While this approach may not be an

exact science, every little bit is sure to help. Try to find the right balance for you to neutralize or improve your environmental impact in relation to transportation.


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