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Ingredients that make a difference

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes” -Carl Jung

We know, and we heard you loud and clear. That is why we did our research and hand-picked every ingredient meticulously. Our goal? To find effective and nutrient loaded compounds that help you visibly improve your skin.

We prioritize ingredients that come from Colombia, in South America. A place where vegetation abounds, where fauna and flora come together in a perfect ecosystem. There, we find pure ingredients, loaded with powerful and effective nutrients and unique vibes.

Ingredients such as CBD extracted from the Hemp plant act as powerful forces with anti-inflammatory effects that help skin achieve its full potential by looking radiant, re-empowered and glowy.

Well-hidden secret ingredients such as Cacay Oil provide deep hydration along with an antioxidant and cell regenerating effect. This star ingredient is rich in vitamin E, F and retinol. It is rich in fatty acids such as linoleic, which helps in dermal recovery processes.

An ingredient that could not be missing in the composition of our products is Sacha Inchi which is a natural oil of vegetable origin, rich in phenolics, tocopherol and phytosterols. Sacha Inchi has an antioxidant power that is enhanced with vitamin E.

A superstar ingredient that has generated an interesting buzz in the beauty industry is the Calendula oil, which is a highly hydrating natural oil that effectively removes waterproof makeup and oil.

Try MIND Naturals and feel the incredible textures, smell the aromas and reap the benefits of great ingredients turned into the perfect skincare routine.