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Tips for Reaching Alignment and Learning How to Let Go

Alignment can sound like a spiritual revelation or a good session with your chiropractor. The idea holds in either scenario where you want everything to feel “centered.” While this may sound simple, there seem to be countless events and moments throughout life trying to throw out your back or overall sense of presence and peace. You can probably think back to moments where something felt off, or you just didn’t feel fulfilled on your current path. There are ways you can slow down and learn what alignment feels like for you and how to stay in that feeling more often.

Listen to Yourself

It’s not uncommon to fall into an autopilot state where you run through the day with little thought or reflection. This approach could leave you uninspired or grasping for more time as you continue moving through the motions. Instead, take the time to slow down and listen to your thoughts as you determine what feels like it’s in place and what isn’t. While listening to yourself might sound easy, it can take some practice if you’ve fallen into the habit of ignoring your thoughts. Start breaking away from the day for a moment of “me time” and apply a hemp-derived CBD face mask for a chance to consider what feels good and what feels not so good each time you do, think, or say something.

Dive Right In

Once you start hearing your inner dialogue and realizing what’s in alignment with your true self, you’ll notice areas in your life that are calling for your attention. Whether it’s more time outside or more creative pursuits, you can dive into the parts that help you feel most alive. You are in control of what your days look like, and designing a life that aligns with your needs can only happen when you decide that you want it. Jump first and trust your intuition as you lead yourself toward alignment.

Let It Go

The flip side of this immersion also involves letting go of the things that no longer serve you. This can mean releasing certain behaviors, people, and more that take you out of alignment, so you have more room for the parts that do align. Understand that this part can be a real downer, so be patient with yourself and know that it’s okay to miss the things you no longer want in your life.

Take Care of Yourself

As you start to feel aligned, the moments where you’re not may begin to feel impossible to ignore. In these moments, consider recharging with your high-alignment activities like applying your hemp-derived CBD cream or going on a run. If someone invites you to an event that you feel like you don’t want to attend but are worried about what others may think, you get to decide if you're going to put your sense of alignment first. Putting yourself first can be a challenge, but you deserve to be taken care of, and you’re the best person for the job.

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