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Wellness Trends

Wellness Trends You Need in Your Life


Different wellness trends continue to grow and change that can help you level up your daily routines. Activities like an aromatic, good-for-you bath or prioritizing skincare over makeup continue to take the industry by storm. Other developments like emphasizing mental and emotional health just as much as physical health are also key as the wellness industry shifts. It’s not always easy to understand which trends are worth your time, but some can transform your day-to-day life and keep you feeling like your best self.


Skincare Over Makeup

Makeup is starting to become less critical as skincare becomes even more important. Among the many wellness trends, this one focuses on taking care of your skin in a way that makes makeup feel more like an option for enhancing your features than a necessity. Everything from a hemp-derived CBD cream to a nutrient-rich cleanser can help you level up your skincare routine and deliver the vitamins and nutrients that your skin craves. This year, try investing in high-performing products as opposed to the next new foundation when you want to reveal more radiant-looking skin. Be sure to find a way to incorporate the trending, hydrating ingredient, hyaluronic acid, to keep your complexion moisturized while minimizing the appearance of fine lines.


Prioritizing Your Mind

While the physical body has always been a priority, the mental and emotional elements are starting to take center stage (as they should). It’s becoming more important to take a look at your overall well-being and observe your thoughts and feelings more regularly. Meditation and finding ways to be more present or mindful can help you engage in this long-awaited trend. It’s time to find the activities that help you feel the most recharged, such as writing, dancing, or even following your skincare routine and applying hemp-derived CBD lotion. There’s no wrong answer when it comes to your personal strategy for being more mindful and in tune with yourself, so try to listen to your needs and give your mind, body, and soul the care it deserves.


At-Home Luxury

Many are opting for at-home solutions when it comes to taking care of themselves, as opposed to expensive office visits. Luxury is more accessible than ever, and there are different ways you can enjoy this trend from any room in your home. Instead of expensive facials, enjoy an at-home high-quality hemp-derived CBD face mask that can help you detox your pores and reveal skin that appears luminous and hydrated with antioxidants, vitamins, and more.



It’s become critical for companies to offer sustainable solutions that positively impact the environment instead of creating additional waste. Support this vital trend by finding innovative products like reusable cotton pads or totes to support your day-to-day activities without harming the planet. Seek out mindful packaging options that are fully recyclable to ensure you can feel confident using products that benefit you and the world around you.


About Mind Naturals

Founded by wellness influencer Paulina Vega, Mind Naturals continues to bridge the gap between skincare and living a mindful life with even more meaning. Their collection of high-performing products invites you to be more mindful as you reveal the complexion of your dreams. The company uses thoughtfully sourced ingredients like hemp-derived CBD and hyaluronic acid to help your skin feel hydrated and soothed. Their sustainable solutions like Reusable Cotton Pads or a Canvas Tote Bag can support your daily routines along with the environment. It’s time to give yourself and your skin the care you deserve with Mind Naturals and their high-quality products that go above and beyond just skincare.

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