What is a CBD lotion, and from where can I get one? – Mind Naturals | Skincare

What is a CBD lotion, and from where can I get one?

A hemp-derived CBD lotion is any lotion or cream that has hemp-derived CBD infused into the formula. It’s a great pick for a skincare routine as hemp-derived CBD is well known for its soothing properties, and the ability to help skin feel calmer. The trick is to find hemp-derived CBD lotion from a reputable source that you know will be safe and effective. When I’m searching for a hemp-derived CBD lotion, I try to make sure the company carefully crafts their products along with a positive message and promotes sustainability through their packaging and general vibe.

My skincare routine can be a way to take care of my skin while also connecting with myself, and I seek out brands that go beyond their function. Mind Naturals offers a collection of high-performing products that address my needs for dry and sensitive skin, and help my face feel hydrated and soothed. Their Unwind Moisturizer uses hemp-derived CBD and hyaluronic acid to minimize the visibility of fine lines. I like to start with the Refresh Cleanser to remove impurities and begin with a fresh face, ready to absorb their nutrient-rich products.