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CBD: Uncovering myths and why it should start to become part of your skin-care routine.

Every year, we´re seeing even more compelling evidence suggesting CBD or Cannabidiol is beneficial for skin health and even holds potential to treat various conditions. You may have heard about its ability to treat chronic pain, insomnia or even childhood epilepsy, all of which are a result of the extract´s astounding calming effects. But with the industry growing faster than its regulation, many brands are claiming all sorts of things!

So, we thought we´d help you get the facts right.

 Well, what is it?

Cannabis plants have two main active ingredients, THC which is the stuff that gets you “high” and CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient even found naturally in our body. Because we have no need for the THC in our products, we grow the “CBD-only” cousin of the common marijuana plant, called Hemp.

But why on the skin?

It’s very simple, CBD has impressive healing effects due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to reduce sebum and its high content in antioxidants. Calming the skin will help fight all kinds of skin-related problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Inspired by the effects a natural ingredient can have on the skin gave us only more ideas to explore the world´s biodiversity and find equally effective and kind ingredients to complement it.

Is it legal?

In short, yes.

In 2014, it was made legal for the cultivation of industrial hemp to begin, albeit under strict and controlled conditions. However, Everything dramatically changed in 2018 under the updated version of the Farm Bill, not only allowing farmers nationwide to grow freely, but also removing industrial hemp from illegal “Schedule 1 Drugs”.

As a result, legalization of CBD begun state-by-state. Whilst the government hasn´t fully legalized it, all US states apart from South Dakota allow CBD. However, you´ll need to check your state´s laws if the product has any THC.

Haven´t tried it before?

We understand putting anything on your skin that you aren´t familiar with can be nerve-racking. That’s why we would recommend using our most popular product that’s kind to all skin types and bound to give your skin the boost it needs.