Paulina Vega – Mind Naturals | Skincare

Paulina Vega, wellness ambassador and founder of Mind Naturals.

Paulina is a savvy entrepreneur, model and TV host, who’s had the opportunity to collaborate with global brands such as Adidas, Tag Heuer and Falabella. Her authenticity  and charisma, have allowed her to connect and build a community of millions of women around the world.

A native Colombian, Paulina has traveled extensively and has had the opportunity to meet women from different cultures across the globe.

Influenced by her interest in wellness, it was inevitable for Paulina to create a brand that brings mindfulness and her love for self-care into the conversation.

Paulina created MIND Naturals when she realized there was a gap in the industry that lacked the inclusion of the most important aspect of self-care, mental health.

Paulina developed this skincare line merging the concept of mindfulness into our everyday routine. On the basis for creating MIND Naturals, Paulina sought advice from the best advisors known to the world: women.