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What makes us different?


We #MindYourSkin

We are very careful and detailed on the formulation of each of our products in order to deliver the best quality, reason why, all of them count with 97% of natural and sustainable ingredients; there so, you can enjoy true nature benefits. All of our ingredients are EWG & Sephora Clean List approved, providing the security your skin requieres.

All of our products contain Natural Native Oil, a Colombian star ingredient which provides the following benefits for your skin: antioxidant, emollient, antibacterial, antiinflammatory and soothing.


We #MindThePlanet

It´s of highly importance for us to be able to take care of your skin while taking care of the planet, reason why, all of our products are animal cruelty FREE.

Since one of our core values is to decrease the negative impact on the environmet and to reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind, we have exclusively designed all of our vases out of eco-friendly goods. The Rich Moisturizer and the Oil Control Moisturizer packaging are 100% biodegradable. Once finished the product, you can burry it, so again it becomes part of the Earth. The remaining packages are made out of corn bioplastic, a healthy member of the plastic family, much easier to recycle, which reduces negative effects on the environment.




Our products are meant to be used as a conscious ritual; we want to transform your skincare routine into an act of self-love and self care, reminding you the importance of dedicating time for youself on a daily baisis.